Table I

1. Hajji Mirza Esmail, born ca. 1770 in Tafresh, died ca. 1840 in Tafresh, Mostowfi (accountant), Hokmran (administrator) and Saheb-e Divan (chancellor) of Erivan 1820-1828. He had issued three sons:
1.1. Hajji Mirza Ashraf, who had issued three sons:
1.1.1 Mirza Taghi Khan, who had issued five sons and two daughters: Mirza Mohammad Ali, who had issued four sons and three daughters: Musa. Hassan Ali. Mahmud. Gholam Ali. Lagha. Ghodsi. Aghdas. Nasrollah, married the sister of Mirza Seyyed Mehdi Farrokh and had issued: Taghi Behjat. Mostafa, married a. Zarrin-Taj (daughter of Hamideh Khanom – see below, b. second wife and had issued: (by Zarrin-Taj) Effat. (by second wife) Morteza Gholi. Esmail had no issue. Mirza Eshagh, took the family name of Rahbar, married: a. Robbabeh Khanom (daughter of Agha Mirza Mohammad and his paternal cousin – see below, b. wife from Sistan and had issued: (by Robbabeh) Akhtar Rahbar. (by Robbabeh) Siyavosh Rahbar. (by Robbabeh) Hossein Rahbar. (by Robbabeh) Bahman Rahbar. (by Robbabeh) Hassan Rahbar. (by Robbabeh) Abbas Rahbar. (by wife from Sistan) Manuchehr Rahbar. Mochul Rahbar. Taj-Mah Rahbar.
1.1.2. Agha Mirza Mohammad, who he had issued two sons and one daughter: Ebrahim, who took the family name of Dadmarz and had issued: Nasser Dadmarz, M.D. Massud Dadmarz, M.D. Kiyomars Dadmarz, M.D. Mansureh, married Morteza Homayuni. Homay, married Hassan Rahbar. Mirza Mohammad “Hajji Khan”, who took the family name of Ashrafi and had issued three sons and a daughter: Hushang Ashrafi. Jamshid Ashrafi. N.N. Puran Ashrafi. Banu Robbabeh, married Mirza Eshagh Rahbar – see above
1.1.3. Mirza Ali, known as “Amu”, married the daughter of Sahib-e Jom’e, who was firstly married to the late Mirza Mohammad and had issued: Molouk. Massumeh. Iran. Tuman. Abdollah.
1.2. Hajji Mirza Ali Akbar had issued eleven children – see below Table II.
1.3. Agha Mirza Mehdi had issued two sons and one daughter who all died without issue:
1.3.1. Issa.
1.3.2. Musa.
1.3.3. Zahra.
Table II
1.2. Hajji Mirza Ali Akbar, born ca. 1820, died ca. 1890, Mostowfi of Azerbaijan. He married: a. Banu Khanom, after her death b. Gowhar Khanom (died 1893) and had issued eleven children:

1.2.1. (by Banu) Mirza Mohammad Ali, who was called “Behnam”, married three wives: a. N.N., b. Khanom Taliyeh, c. Zahra “Agha Baji Khanom” and had issued seven sons: (by the first wife) Mirza Esmail Behnam (named after his grandfather), married: a. Homa Khanom (daughter of Hamideh Khanom), after her death b. N.N. and had issued: (by Homa) Mohammad Behnam, died young. (by. N.N.) Reza Behnam. (by Khanom Taliyeh) Hashem Behnam. (by Khanom Taliyeh) Azizollah Behnam, who had issued: Mohandes Hushang Behnam, who had issued: Behzad Behnam. Fariborz Behnam, who had issued: Borzu Behnam. Iran Behnam. (by Zahra Khanom) Mirza Taghi Behnam “Emad ol-Molk” [Pillar of the Kingdom], married Malek-Taj Khanom (daughter of his paternal aunt Khadijeh Khanom – see below and had issued two sons and one daughter: Anushiravan Behnam, M.D., married Pari Rokh (daughter of Mr. Dadsetan). Amir Behnam. Turan, married Mr. Abolghassem Tafazoli, M.D. and had issued: Ali Tafazoli. (by Zahra Khanom) Zaman Behnam, died young without offspring. (by Zahra Khanom) Shokrollah Behnam, had no offspring. (by Zahra Khanom) Nematollah Behnam, died young and had issued one son: Dariush Behnam M.D.
1.2.2. (by Banu) Mirza Abdollah Khan “Monshi-Bashi” [Chief Secretary], became Mostowfi-ye Khasseh (“Comptroller of the Royal Property”) to Nasser od-Din Shah, married a Qajar princess and had no offspring.

1.2.3. (by Banu) Mirza Hossein Behnam, born ca. 1860, died young ca. 1897, Mostowfi-ye Mahall of Tabriz, married H.H. Princess Malekeh-Afagh Khanom , granddaughter of H.I.H. Prince Bahman Mirza Qajar and had issued two sons: Mirza Ali Akbar Bahman, married Zoleikha Khanom Gadijeve and had issued: Mehr-e Jahan Bahman, who had issued – see The Line of Bahman Mirza. Mirza Ali Asghar Bahman had issued one son and two daughters: Cyrus Bahman, who had issued – see The Line of Bahman Mirza. Tali’eh-Afagh Bahman married Hossein Behnam (see below). Badi’eh ol-Jamal Bahman married Ahmad Khan Zarrinnaal and had issued – see The Line of Mirza Zaman Khan.
1.2.4. (by Banu) Khavvar. She married Amir Gholi Khan and had issued one son and two daughters: Mirza Ahmad “Mostashir os-Soltan” [Counsellor of the Monarch], married three times: a. Ghamar-Taj (daughter of Hamideh Khanom – see below, b. Khanom-Hajjieh , c. Farkhondeh (from the family of Gilanshah, she married after Mirza's death Agha Saremi "Moghbel ol-Molk" by whom she issued: Colonel Mohammad Saremi who married Aghdas Gilanshah, General Seyfollah Saremi M.D. and Fatemeh Khanom ) and had issued: (by Ghamar-Taj) Mirza Gholam Hossein Behnam “Sana’ os-Saltaneh” [Glory of the Monarchy], married Fatemeh Khanom (his step sister, the daughter of Moghbel ol-Molk and Farkhondeh) and had issued: Taghi Behnam, married Iran (daughter of Nasrollah Behnam – see below and had issued one son and one daughter: Behzad Behnam. Behnaz Behnam, who married Farrokh Namdar and had issued: Mehdi Namdar. Ensi Namdar. (They all live in Switzerland.) Mohammad Behnam, married Parvin Nurbakhsh (half sister of Nasrollah Behnam – see Fn. 31) and had issued: Mariam Behnam. Mehdi Behnam. Abolghassem Behnam, married a lady from the Vossough family and had issued: Shirin Behnam. Nushin Behnam. Zamani Behnam. (by Khanom-Hajjieh) Nasrollah Behnam who did not marry and had no issued. (by Khanom-Hajjieh) Nayereh, married Gholam Reza Hezarkhani and had issued: Fereydun Hezarkhani. Sirus Hezarkhani. Monireh Hezarkhani. Homay Hezarkhani. Bijan Hezarkhani. (by Farkhondeh Gilanshah) Issa Behnam, M.D., professor at Tehran University, married a. Susanne (a French), after her death b. Nina Vladimir Krejanowskaia (a Polish, who already had a child adopted by him called Firouz Hazad) and had issued by her: Bahram (Marc) Behnam, architect living next to Marseille, married Martine Philip (French) and had issued: Alexandre Parviz Behnam, b. 1977, civil engineer in the National Railway Company (SNCF). Magali Anahita Behnam, b.1980, dietician, married to Guillaume Benetto and had issued: Antoine Mehran Benetto, b.2008. Elizabet Behnam, married Ahmad Tavaf and had issued: Maryam Tavaf, a painter in Tehran. Keyvan Tavaf. Nahid Behnam. Zahra, married Mirza Ali Agha Tafreshi and had issued one son and one daughter: Mostafa Tafreshi “Meshkat-e Divan” [Recess of the Government]. Monireh Tafreshi. Khanom-Taj, married Mirza Kazem (her maternal aunt’s son) and had no offspring.
1.2.5. (by Banu) Hamideh Khanom. She married Mirza Ali Khan (son of Hajji Mirza Gholi “Vazir”) and had issued one son and three daughters: Mirza Kazem Khan, married Kukab Khanom Hejjazi and had issued two sons and a daughter: Mirza Reza Gholi Behnam “Etemad os-Soltan” [Confidant of the Monarch], he married: a. Jamileh Khanom Hejjazi, and after her death b. Farangis Khanom Sani’i and had issued: (by Jamileh) Kazem Behnam, married Haifa Khanom (daughter of Agha Mirza Yussof Sani’i “Mofakham os-Saltaneh” [Illustrious of the Monarchy] and had issued one son and three daughters: Mohammad Hossein (“Kamran”) Behnam. Shirin Behnam. Sho’le Behnam. Shoreh Behnam. (by Jamileh) Mehdi Behnam, married Parichehr (daughter of Agha Mohammad Mo’tamadi) and had issued: Sogand Behnam. Sayeh Behnam. (by Jamileh) Mohandes Manuchehr Behnam. (by Jamileh) Ashraf, married Mr. Fathollah Behnam and had issued – see below (by Jamileh) Aghdas, married H.H. Prince Esmail Mirza Moezzi and had issued: Farrokh Moezzi. Leyla Moezzi. Farmand Moezzi. (by Jamileh) Afsar, married Mr. Mohandes Abdolhossein Ebrahimi and had issued: Shahrokh Ebrahimi. Sirus Ebrahimi. (by Farangis) Nush-Azar, married Mr. Morteza Mussavi-Zanjani. (by Farangis) Behruz Mussavi-Zanjani. Mirza Ali Behnam “Hamid os-Soltan” [Praise of the Monarch], he had issued: Hushang Behnam. Massud Behnam. Farhad Behnam. Zinat ol-Hajjieh, married Mr. Badi’ os-Saltaneh Hejjazi and had issued: Gowhar-Malek, married Mansur Meshkat and had issued: Shabab od-Din Meshkat. Sima Meshkat. Behzad Meshkat. Nezam od-Din Meshkat. Malahat Meshkat. Davud Meshkat. Ghamar-Taj, married Mirza Ahmad “Mostashir os-Soltan” – see above Zarrin-Taj, married Mirza Mostafa (son of Mirza Taghi Khan – see above Homa Khanom, married Mirza Esmail (son of Mirza Mohammad Ali Khan – see above 1.2.1.) and had issued a son: Mohammad, who died young.
1.2.6. (by Banu) Khadijeh Khanom. She married Abdollah Khan and had issued three sons and one daughter: Nasrollah Behnam, married Mehrangis in Isfahan and had issued: Manuchehr Behnam, married Suzan (from Belgium) and had issued one son: Shahbaz Behnam, living in Switzerland and worked for the International Olympic Committee. Married three times: a. (div.) Mina Sadegh, b. (div.) Roma Juneja, c. Soheyla Ardalan, and has issued two sons and one daughter: (by Mina Sadegh) Cyrus Behnam. (by Roma Juneja) Jay Behnam. (by Soheyla Ardalan) Jasmine Jade Behnam. Jamshid Behnam, who married three times and had issued: (by the first wife) Bahman Behnam, has married twice, first Susan Agheveli, secon Shahedeh Saeedi, and had issued: (by Susan) Keyvan Behnam, based in Virginai, had married  Isabelle behnam and had issued two children, Layla and Susan Behnam. (by Shahedeh) Kourosh "William" Behnam (by the second wife, an English) Elizabeth Behnam. (by the third wife Lidia, an Italian) Roxana Behnam, based in South Africa. (by Lidia) Ariana Behnam, based in South Africa. (by Lidia) Dario Behnam, based in South Africa, he married Olivia Fiona Behnam and had issued India Behnam. Iran, married Mr. Taghi Behnam and had issued – see above Afsar, married Jalal Behnam. Badri, married Fathollah Gilanshah and had issued: Susan Gilanshah. Kamran Gilanshah. Fathollah Behnam, married Ashraf (daughter of Etemad os-Soltan – see above and had issued two sons and one daughter: Sirus Behnam, married Fereshteh Nevisi and had issued two sons: Babak Behnam. Behdad Behnam. All living in Washington DC. Dariush Behnam, M.D. married Firoozeh Kordestani and had issued: Khashayar Behnam. Maryam Behnam. All living in Los Angeles/ Orange County. Haideh Behnam, married Mr. Morteza Rassa, M.D. and had issued three daughters and a son: Haleh Rassa. Ali Rassa. Pasendeh Rassa. Assie Rassa. Abbas Behnam, married Derakhshandeh Hejjazi. Malek-Taj, married Mirza Taghi Behnam “Emad ol-Molk” and had issued – see above
1.2.7. (by Gowhar) Mirza Yussof “Salar-e Sadigh” [Fair-minded General]. He married Khadijeh Gilanshah by whom he had no issued, but by another wife he had issued a daughter: Ghamar, married Mr. Najm od-Din Javadi and had issued: Fereydun Javadi. Fereshteh Javadi. Farideh Javadi. Mariam Javadi.
1.2.8. (by Gowhar) Mirza Hassan Behnam “Hamed od-Dowleh” [Laudatory of the State]. He married his maternal aunt’s daughter Massumeh (called “Khanom Galin”) and had issued seven sons and two daughters: Mirza Ghassem Behnam, who died young and had issued one daughter: Heshmat, married Mr. Mohandes Farhad A’meli. Mirza Ebrahim Behnam,who had issued: Shahrokh Behnam, married Mary (an English) and had issued: Mitra Behnam. Reza Behnam. Bijan Behnam. Badri, married Mr. Mahmudi and had issued: Homa Mahmudi. Massud Mahmudi. Hoda Mahmudi. Zarrin Dokht, married Mr. Mansur Mobini and had issued: Shahriyar Mobini. Ladan Mobini. Nastaran Mobini. Pari, married Mr. Seyyed Abdollah Shah-Amiri and had issued: Fariborz Shah-Amiri. Farrokh Shah-Amiri. Nazi Shah-Amiri. Mariam, married Abdolhossein Fatemi and had issued: Shirin Fatemi. Ali Fatemi. Mina, married Mr. Ahmad Kliddari and had issued two sons: Farhad Kliddari. Farzin Kliddari. Hossein Behnam, married Tali’eh-Afagh Bahman (daughter of Mirza Ali Asghar Bahman – see above and had issued: Parviz Behnam, married Ingeborg (a German) and had issued: Homayoun Behnam, died by car-accident at the age of 24, married Christine (a German) and had issued: Shady Behnam. Yassamin Behnam, married Mr. Homayoun Safaie and had issued two daughters: Shirin Safaie. Shiva Safaie. Faramarz Behnam, married Inge (a German) and had issued: Ramin Behnam. Farzin Behnam. Fereydoun Behnam, married Minoo Fereidouni and had issued four children: Behshad Behnam, lives in Viginia/USA married Colleen Marie Sheerin (an American) and had issued three sons: Dariyan Parker Behnam. Liam Presley Behnam. Shayan Fereydoun Behnam. Shahriyar Behnam, married Shilan Samaei. Keyvan Behnam, married Shaghayegh Gangali. Nastaran Behnam. Javad Behnam, married in Tahereh the daughter of Nematollah Falah from Iskenderun and had issued: Hassan Behnam, based in Cairo and married Nina (a Lebanese) and had issued: Yasemine Behnam. Ramine Behnam. Ali Behnam, based in Paris, France and married Agnès (a French) and had issued: Natalia Behnam, she married Jean-Charles Freddi, and they had issued a daughter named Lucile Nour. Mikael Behnam. Bruno Behnam, married Nazlie Mohebiany, and they had issued a son named Théodore Kamál. Olivier Behnam, married Mandana Zendeh, and they issued four sons: Badi Louis, Mahé Mani, Tom Ali, and Jun Stan. Robin Behnam. Jalal Behnam, married Afsar (daughter of Nasrollah Behnam). Davud Behnam, married Gol-Rokh and had issued: Nasrin Behnam. Kambiz Behnam. Soleiman Behnam, married Ehteram (his maternal aunt’s daughter – see Fn. 28) and had issued. Kamran Behnam. Susan Behnam. Fakhr-A’zam, married Mr. Bagher Sami’i and had issued: Jahangir Sami’i. Jalileh (Maliheh) Sami’i. Ashraf ol-Molouk, married Mr. Kazem Behnam and had issued: Mohammad Reza Behnam. Leyli Behnam. Soraya Behnam.
1.2.9. (by Gowhar) Mirza Mahmud “Dabir-e Hazrat” [Sublime Scribe]. He married Taj-Mah Khanom and had issued one son and four daughters: Mohammad, married Mariann (a Swedish). Mansureh, married Mr. Seyyed Hassan Nurbakhsh and hadissued two sons and one daughter: Khosrou Nurbakhsh. Farhad Nurbakhsh. Shirin Nurbakhsh. Ezzat, married Mr. Ali Akbar Sedari and had issued: Anushiravan Sedari. Elaheh Sedari. Shahin Sedari. Aghdas, married Mr. Abdolrahim Agh-Avvali and had issued two sons and a daughter: Bijan Agh-Avvali. Bahman Agh-Avvali. Susan Agh-Avvali. Azad.
1.2.10. (by Gowhar) Khanom Umm al-Nabin. She married Agha Mirza Seyyed Mahmud Kazemi “Mo’tassem od-Dowleh” [Sinless of the State], son of the late Seyyed Kazem “Vazir-e Dawabb” [Minister of Mounts], and had issued: Agha Mirza Seyyed Bagher Kazemi “Mohazzeb od-Dowleh” [Educator of the State], married Khanom Ain ol-Molouk Salour (granddaughter of H.I.H. Prince Ezz od-Dowleh ) and had issued: Ezz od-Din Kazemi, M.D. who had issued: Mahmud Kazemi. Zohreh Kazemi. Fereshteh, married Amir Azodi and had issued: Elaheh Azodi. Jahangir Azodi. Zivar, married Mostafa Kazemi “Dabir ol-Molk” [Scribe of the Realm] (his paternal uncle’s son) and had issued: Manuchehr Kazemi. Anushiravan Kazemi. Mohandes Hushang Kazemi. Mahin, married Mr. Ali Hejabi and had issued: Pari Hejabi. Vida Hejabi. Haleh Hejabi. Ghahreman Hejabi. Effat, married Shefa’ od-Dowleh and had issued two sons: Shoja’ od-Din. Shefa’ od-Din. Shefa’yeh, married Mr. Mohammad Zarani, M.D. Iran, married Mr. Hassan Ra’is and had issued: Abbas Ra’is. Jamal Ra’is. Mohammad Ra’is. Akbar Ra’is. Mariam Ra’is. Banu Ra’is. Ta’lat, married Mr. Seyyed Kazem Shahagh and had issued: Abolhassan Shahagh. Hossein Shahagh. Mohsen Shahagh. Monireh Shahagh. Heshmat Shahagh. Mahvash Shahagh.
1.2.11. (by Gowhar) Asadollah Behnam “Mani ol-Molk” [August of the Realm], born ca. 1885, was one-and-a-half year when his father died and about three at the death of his mother, 1930 Consul-General at Istanbul. He married Banu Aghdas Sarmast (daughter of Mirza Kazem Sarmast Ashtiani) and had issued: Jamshid Behnam, born 1930 in Istanbul, studied at Sorbonne University Paris, Sociologist.
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