The Line of Bahman Mirza
Descendants of Prince Bahman Mirza Qajar (The Families of Bahmani-Qajar, Bahmanov, Bahman and Zarrinkafsch-Bahman):
Table I:

HIH Prince Bahman Mirza Qajar, b. 11/10/1810 Golestan-Palace, Tehran, d. 11/0271884 in exile on his estates in Shusha/Karabakh, 4th son of HIH Crown-Prince Abbas Mirza "Nayeb os-Saltaneh" by his senior aghdi-wife Princess Assiyeh (Jahan) Khanom, daughter of Amir Mirza Mohammad Khan Qajar-Davalu. Governor (hakem) of Ardabil 1831-1834, Governor and Commander-in-Chief (sepah-salar) of Tehran 1834, Governor of Burjuhid, Silakhor and Hamadan 1834-1841, Vicegerent (wali) of Azerbaijan 1841-1848, exiled to Tiflis/Georgia 1848, to Shusha/Karabakh 1853. Married 16 wives, among them: Princess Malek Soltan Khanom Qajar, Shahzadeh Khanom, Malek-Jahan Khanom Quvanlu, Mehr Farid (Mirvarid) Khanom Talishinskaya, Kuchek Barda Khanom Qurbanbeyqazi, Govad Khanom, Gowhar Khanom Ismailkhanqazi, Chicek Khanom and Aferin Khanom Agha-Abdollah, eponym of the House of Bahman-Qajar. He had issued 31 sons, 30 daughters:

a. Sons (ancestors of the Qajar (Ghajar) families Persidskii, Bahmanov and Kadjar):
1. (by Malek Soltan Khanom) Prince Anoushiravan Mirza “Zia od-Dowleh” “Amir Touman” (b. 1833 in Tabriz, d. 23/10/1899 in Tabriz), 1873 Governor of Turshiz, 1881-1882 Governor of Tabriz, 1884-1886 and 1898-1899 of Semnan, Damghan and Shahrud, 1888-1889 Governor von Borujerd and Lorestan. He had issued.
2. (by Malek Soltan Khanom) Prince Jalal od-Din Mirza (b. ca. 1836, d. 1870), Major in Russian army, Major-General in Persian army, poet and historian. He had issued.
3. (by Malek Soltan Khanom) Prince Reza Qoli Mirza (b. 1837 in Iran; d. 1894 in St. Petersburg), General in Russian army. He had issued.
4. (by Shahzadeh Khanom) Prince Shahrokh Mirza (b. 15/09/1844 in Iran, d. 1915 in Baku), Colonel in Russian army. He had issued.
5. Prince Nasrollah Mirza (b. 1848), Colonel in Nizhny-Novgorod Dragoon regiment, returned to Iran. He had issued.
6. Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza “Sho’a os-Saltaneh” “Amir Touman” (b. 1849), Commander-in-Chief of the Persian Cossack division in Isfahan. He had issued.
7. (by Malek Jahan Khanom) Prince Khan Baba Khan Mirza (b. 1849; d. 1926), Colonel in Russian army. He had issued.
8. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Prince Abdol Samed Mirza (b. 1851 at Tiflis; d. 1924 at Shusha), Colonel in Russian army. He had issued.
9. Prince Qoflan Agha Mirza (b. 1851).
10. Prince Aziz Khan Mirza (b. ca. 1851).
11. Prince Mahmoud Mirza (b. ca. 1853), General in Russian army. He had issued.
12. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Prince Amir Kazem Mirza (b. 1853; d. 1920), Major-General in Russian army. He had issued.
13. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Prince Ali Qoli Mirza (b. 1854; d. 1905). He had issued.
14. Prince Baha od-Din Mirza (b. 20/7/1855).
15. Prince Prince Heydar Qoli Mirza (b. 15/8/1855; d. 1918). He had issued.
16. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Prince Khan Jahan Mirza (b. ca. 1855), Colonel in Russian army.
17. (by Chichek Khanom) Prince Amanollah Khan Mirza (b. 8/1/1857 in Shusha; d. 1937 in Tehran), Major-General in Russian army, Deputy-Commander in Azerbaijan army, returned to Iran and became instructor of the Persian army. He had issued.
18. Prince Ilkhani Mirza (b. 1858, d. 1901).
19. Prince Homayoun Mirza (b. 1860).
20. Prince Seyfollah Mirza (b. 6/3/1864; d. 1926), Colonel in Russian army. He had issued.
21. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Prince Amirkhan Mirza (b. ca. 1864).
22. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Prince Imamverdi Mirza (b. ca. 1864), returned to Iran.
23. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Prince Khan Alam Mirza (b. ca. 1865). He had issued.
24. Prince Allahverdi Mirza (b. ca. 1866).
25. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Prince Keyqobad Mirza (b. 1867; d. 1923). He had issued, father of the Bahmanov family.
26. (by Chickek Khanom) Prince Qolam Shah Mirza (b. 1867; d. 1918).
27. (by Chichek Khanom) Prince Shah Qoli Mirza (b. 1871).
28. (by Chichek Khanom) Prince Mohammad Mirza aka Mamed Qoli Mirza (b. 1872; d. 1920), Major-General in Russian army. He had issued.
29. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Prince Ardashir Mirza (b. 1875).
30. Prince Seyf ol-Malek Mirza.
31. (by Khandan Khanom) Prince Sahebgharan Mirza, returned to Iran and became 1903 Chamberlain-in-Control of Mozaffar od-Din Shah. He had issued.
b. 21 of his 30 daughters in order of seniority:

1. (by Malek Soltan Khanom) Princess Mariam Saltanat Khanom.


2. (by Malek Soltan Khanom) Princess Azari Homayoun Khanom “Shahzadeh Khanom” (b. ca. 1838).

3. (by Shahzadeh Khanom) Princess Rowshandeh Soltan Khanom (b. ca. 1846).

4. Princess Qizikhanim Khanom “Tadj ol-Molouk” (b. 1847 in Tabriz).

5. Princess Sabiyeh Khanom.

6. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Princess Khanzadeh Khanom.

7. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Princess Khorshid Khanom.

8. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Princess Zarri Khanom.

9. Princess Keykab Khanom.

10. Princess Malekeh-Sifagh Khanom (b. ca. 1860 at Shusha).

11. (by Mehr Farid Khanom) Princess Abbaseh Khanom (b. 6/10/1865).
13. Princess Nawab Khanom.
14. Princess Turan Khanom.
15. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Princess Ashraf Khanom.
16. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Princess Manzar Khanom.
17. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Princess Bahdjat Khanom.
18. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Princess Noor al-Ain Khanom.
19. (by Kuchek Barda Khanom) Princess Firuzeh Khanom.
20. Princess Fakhr os-Soltan Khanom.

21. Princess Shahzdi Khanom.

Table II:

1. (by Malek Soltan Khanom) HRH Prince Anoushiravan Mirza "Zia' os-Soltan" "Amir Touman" (b. 19 Aug 1833 in Ardabil, d. 23 Oct 1899 in Tabriz, buried in Barda, Karabagh), married a. (as his chief wife): Badie ol Jamal Khanom I, daughter of Mohammad Hassan Khan "Sardar" Iravani by Princess Mahrokhsar Khanom Fakhr od-Dowleh, daughter of Abbas Mirza; b. a daughter of Prince Amir Teymur Mirza, son of Mohammad Taghi Mirza "Hessam os-Saltaneh". He had issued:

1.1. Prince Soltan Ahmad Mirza, died 1918 by Spanish flue.

1.1.1. Princess Benazir Khanom, died 1918 by Spanish flue.

1..2. Prince Soltan Majid Mirza.

1.3. Princess Malekeh Afagh Khanom - see below Table III.

1.4. Princess Malekzadeh Khanom, married Prince Bahram Mirza, she had issued: 

1.4.1. Princess Monavvareh Khanom Bahmani-Qajar (called "Shahzadeh Khanom“), b. ca. 1880, married Agha Dabir "Sana od-Dowleh" (lit. "Glamour of the Empire") from the Dowlatshahi-Qajar family. She had issued two sons and two daughters: Dabirmanesh Dabirnia. Manoutchehr Dabirnia, married his maternal cousin, Shokouh-Aghdas Khanom, daughter of Princess Shahdokht Khanom and granddaughter of Princess Shazdeh Khanom. He had issued one son and one daughter: Fakhr od-Din Dabirnia. Pari Dabirnia, married Abol Hassan Eteshami, she had issued two daughters: Azar Eteshami. Mehri Eteshami. Ezzat os-Saltaneh Khanom, married as first wife her maternal cousin, Mirza Ali Asghar Bahman - see above. Nezhat od-Dowleh Khanom, married as second wife her maternal cousin, Mirza Ali Asghar Bahman - see above.
1.4..2. Princess Monireh Kanom Bahmani-Qajar, she had issued among others one daughter: Shokouh-Aghdas Khanom, married her maternal cousin, Manoutchehr Dabirnia, son of Princess Monavvareh Khanom.

Table III:


1.4. Princess Malekeh-Afagh Khanom Bahmani-Qajar (founder of the House of Bahman), b. 1863 in Tabriz, d. 23/10/1917 in Teheran, burried in the Shrine of Shah Abdol-Azim. Married 1870 1rstly: Mirza Hossein (d. 1897) from the Behnam family from Tafresh; 1898 2ndly: her cousin Amanollah Khan Donboli "Zia os-Soltan" (lit. "Splendour of the Sovereign"), called "Tabrizi" and nicknamed "Cheragh-Bargh", son of Mohammad Zaman Khan (Safar Khan) Donboli of Tabriz b. 1860 at Tabriz, d. 1931 at Hamburg by cancer, big landowner, delegate for Tabriz and leader of the social-democratic wing (ejtema'iyun) at first Majles 1906, sometimes political adviser to Soltan Ahmad Shah Qajar and Reza Shah Pahlawi 1926. Malekeh-Afagh had issued three sons and one daughter:
1.4.1. (by Mirza Hossein) Mirza Ali Akbar Bahman, b. 1883 Tehran, d. 1967 Tehran and was burried in the Bahman family grave at Shah Abdol-Azim, Minister for Trade to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 1944-1948, Envoy of Education to Baku 1907, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Bucharest 1919, Imperial Ambassador of Iran to Belgium 1921, Afghanistan 1934 and Egypt 1939-43, where he arranged in 1939 the marriage of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Princess Fowziyeh, daughter of King Fouad I of Egypt, Minister of Transport 1935. He married Zoleikha Khanom Gadjieve, from a Russian-Iranian family from the Caucasus, but was divorced shortly thereafter. He had issued by her one only daughter: Mehr-e Jahan Khanom Bahman alias Mehri Bahman, d. 15/08/2003. She married 1rstly Mr Nienaber, a German by whom she has one son and three daughters, 2ndly Mohammad Ali (renamed Mehr Ayin) Pirouzan, called "Timsa", d. 22/12/2002 aged 95 years, 2-star-general of the Imperial Iranian Army, collector of art and founder of the 'Pirouzan-Collection' (gems, precious stones, coins and Persian antiquities) at Iran Museum Hamburg, by whom she had three daughters. She had issued: (by Mr Nienaber) Brigitte, d. 09/06/2003, married Mr Werner Lutz, a German. She had issued three sons and one daughter. They live in Leonberg, Germany. René. Contanze. Stefan. Sascha. (by Mr Nienaber) Bernd Nienaber, married a German called Renate. He had issued one daughter. They live in Mainz, Germany. Iris. (by Mr Nienaber) Gertrud Nienaber, married a Canadian. She had issued two sons and one daughter. They live in Canada. David. Michael. Susanne. (by Mr Nienaber) Helga, once married but now divorced at Tehran Mahmoud Kashfian, sometimes Minister of Labour to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlawi. She had issued two daughters. They live in San Diego, USA. Leyli. Chirin. (by Mohammad Ali Pirouzan) Malakeh Pirouzan. She had issued one daughter. They live in Karlsruhe, Germany. (by Mohammad Ali Pirouzan) Mahasti Pirouzan, married an Iranian surgeon. She had three sons. They live in Munich, Germany. Omid. Navid. Avid. (by Mohammad Ali Pirouzan) Mamak Pirouzan. She had issued two daughters and a son: Sheila. Ari Kian.

1.4.2. (by Mirza Hossein) Mirza Ali Asghar Bahman, b. ca. 1880, high civil servant at Ministry for Post, Telephone and Telegraph. He married 1rstly his maternal cousin, Ezzat os-Saltaneh Khanom, elder daughter of Princess Monavvareh Khanom Bahmani, daughter of Princess Shazdeh Khanom and niece of Malekeh-Afagh; 2ndly his maternal first cousin, Nezhat od-Dowleh Khanom, younger daughter of Princess Monavvareh Khanom Bahmani, daughter of Princess Shazdeh Khanom and niece of Malekeh-Afagh. He had issue: (by Ezzat os-Saltaneh) Taliyeh-Afagh Bahman (d. 2004), married her second cousin, Hossein Behnam, son of Mohammad Ali Behnam and nephew to Mirza Hossein. She had issue: Dr. Parwiz Behnam, b. 5/12/1935, law consultant and economist, came to Germany 1954 as student, married there in 1960 a German called Ingeburg. He had issue: Homayoun Behnam, b. October 1962, d. 1986 by car accident without cause, married Christine, a German. Shady Behnam, b. 1986. Yassamin Behnam, b. January 1962, married Homayoun Safaie. She had issue: Shirin Safaie, b. August 1985. Shiva Safaie, b. January 1990. Faramarz Behnam, married a German called Christine. He had issue two sons: Ramin Behnam. Farzin Behnam. Fereydoun Behnam, married Minoo Fereidouni and had issued four children. (by Ezzat os-Soltaneh) Badie ol-Jamal Khanom II Bahman, d. June 2002. She married Ahmad Khan Zarrinnaal (b. 1908, d. 2004), judge, worked for the Iranian Ministry of Justice, youngest son of Agha Mirza Ali Akbar Khan-e Zarrinnaal 'Nasr-e Lashgar' by his 2nd wife Roghiyeh Khanom Wali - see The Line of Mirza Zaman Khan. She had issued: Ali Hassan (Bahram) Zarrinnaal (d. 2002), married Manijeh and had issued: Mojdeh Zarrinnaal. Navid Zarrinnaal. Maryam Zarrinnaal, married 1rstly Darius Abbasi, 2ndly Jaques Valembois. She had issued: (by Darius Abbasi) Abbaseh Abbasi. (by Darius Abbasi) Ali Reza Abbasi. Abdol Reza (Behzad) Zarrinnaal.
10.2.3. (by Nezhat od-Dowleh) Cyrous Bahman, married Puran Farrokhzad, sister of famous poet Forough Farrokhzad. He had issued: Afsaneh Bahman. Laleh Bahman.

10.3. (by Mirza Amanollah Khan "Zia os-Soltan") Nosrat ol-Molouk Khanom Bahman, b. 1899, d. 12.12.1972, married 1925 as his 2nd wife Soltan Kazem Khan Zarrinnaal "Sakar-e Sarhang"

alias Kazem Zarrinkafsch, 3rd son of Agha Mirza Ali Akbar Khan-e Zarrinnaal "Nasr-e Lashgar" by his 2nd wife Roghiyeh Khanom Wali - see The Line of Mirza Zaman Khan. She had issued:
10.3.1. Abbas Zarrinnaal (Bahman-Qajar), b. 1926, d. in infancy by accident.
10.3.2. (Fatemeh) Zarrin Rokh Zarrinnaal alias Zarrin Rokh Zarrinkafsh (Bahman-Qajar), called "Zarri", b. 4/8/1929, studied sometimes in England and married at Tehran Nasser Samiian called "Mohandes", descendant of famous Hajji Mirza Ebrahim Shirazi "Etamad od-Dowleh'" (1795-1802 first grand vizier and prime minister to Agha Mohammad Shah and Fath Ali Shah). She had issued three daughters: Azita Samiian, married a British, Dennis Ford. Aryana Samiian, married Behrooz Izadi, she had issued two daughters: Pantea Izadi. Parmida Izadi. Atoosa Samiian, married Majid Yekan, she had issued one son and one daughter : Iden Yekan. Andia Yekan.
10.3.3. Ali Zarrinpour Zarrinnaal alias Ali Zarrinkafsch (Bahman-Qajar), called "Pouri", b. 4/12/1930, studied sometimes in Germany, Graduate Engineer in Oil Business, employed at NIOC. He married a German, Martha Elke Holz, and had issued three daughters and one son: Sogand Zarrinkafsch (b. 21/7/1962), MD, married (div.) Hamid Bortshalui, she had issued: Avid Zarrinkafsch. Suzan Zarrinkafsch (b. 24/9/1963), married Shahram Nasseri, she had issued: Sayena Nasseri. Sepehr Nasseri. Soroush Nasseri. Sunja Zarrinkafsch (b. 18/6/1965), married a German, Horst Obermueller, she had issued two daughters: Lisa Obermueller. Alina Obermueller. Surena Zarrinkafsch (b. 25/3/1973), married Gita Hassanzadeh, he had issued: Sharwin Zarrinkafsch (b.3/5/2001).
10.3.4. Abdol Hossein Amir Keywan Zarrinnaal alias Keywan Zarrinkafsch (Bahman-Qajar), b. 31/12/1933 Rezayieh (Urmiyeh), studied in Mainz and Kiel/Germany sociology, economic and political science, Graduate Economist, married 1972 Margrit Eva-Maria Gentes, a German, daughter of Walter Fritz Ludwig Gentes and Erna Martha-Emilie Redepenning. He had issued one daughter and one son: Sabine Zarrinkafsch (Bahman-Qajar), b. 18/6/1961, she had issued two daughters. Arian Kazem Zarrinkafsch (Bahman-Qajar), b. 28/7/1973.
10.3.5. Abol Reza Anushiravan Zarrinnaal (Bahman-Qajar), b. 1935, d. 1937 by typhus.
10.4. (by Mirza Amanollah Khan "Zia os-Soltan") Abol Qassem Bahman, called "Zafarkhanlu", b. 1903 Tehran, d. (killed in an accident) 1954 Tehran, official in Police Service and civil servant in several ministries.

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